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What is the real cost of a spinal cord injury?

You’re driving through an intersection when a semi-truck runs the red light and hits your car. It’s a sudden and very severe accident, and you suffer a significant spinal cord injury. You are rushed to the hospital, but you know it’s going to change the course of your life.

When seeking compensation for your injuries, perhaps from the truck driver or the trucking company itself, you would likely start by looking at all of the medical bills you had in the first year after that injury. For spinal cord injuries, this can be significant. For example, a low tetraplegia, which occurs between the C5 and C8 vertebrae, typically costs around $769,000 in the first year. A lot of these costs are going to be immediate as you get transported to the hospital, undergo surgery and begin rehabilitation.

The annual costs

But do not assume that the first year is the only one in which this will have a financial impact. The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation estimates that that same low tetraplegia will cost over $113,000 per year. Depending on your age, this could be incredibly significant. Thanks to advances in medical technology, people can often live for decades with serious spinal cord injuries, but they could be facing millions of dollars in total debt.

For you, the key is simply to look at all of the potential costs you’re going to be facing. Do not accept a low settlement offer that won’t actually cover those costs. Even if it covers the costs in the first year, what about the future? What if there are complications? What if you need in-home care? Be sure you know about your legal options to seek full compensation.