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Proving negligence in multi-vehicle car accidents

Multi-vehicle crashes have been occurring across the country for many years. Reportedly, one of these car accidents stretched over two miles, the longest crash on record, and involved 194 vehicles. Fortunately, no one lost their life. Recovering damages after such accidents are never easy. Oklahoma victims of such calamities will have to prove who was at fault if they want to prevail in civil lawsuits.

Filing insurance claims and navigating lawsuits are typically based upon proof of negligence, which is the legal theory by which liability is established. Most such chain accidents involve rear-end collisions, and the most common cause is the disregard of the rule that says drivers must maintain safe following distances. The idea is that drivers must leave enough space between their cars and those in front of them to allow them to come to a safe stop if the vehicle in front stops unexpectedly. When many drivers fail to follow at a safe distance, one rear-end accident could result in a chain of similar crashes.

If only two cars are involved, it might be clear that the first driver was negligent because he or she followed too closely behind the other vehicle. Even when one more vehicle is added to the mix, negligence could be easily proved. However, the more vehicles involved, the harder it may be to establish negligence.

Most victims of multi-vehicle car accidents in Oklahoma choose to seek the support and guidance of an experienced car accident attorney. Legal counsel can launch an independent investigation to determine negligence and base the lawsuit on that evidence. A successful presentation of the lawsuit could secure a monetary judgment to cover documented losses.