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Road rage statistics from 2020

Most drivers have experienced road rage or aggressive driving in Oklahoma, which increases the risk of car accidents. Road rage includes excessive horn honking when it’s not necessary, shouting, flashing lights and making rude gestures at other drivers. Two percent of drivers also attempt to get revenge by bumping into other cars, short braking and tailgating.

One-third of car accidents are due to changing lanes, speeding and making illegal maneuvers, which can all provoke road rage. Approximately 53% of drivers think speeding is normal, so the problem may be more widespread than you think.

How to avoid road rage

If you want to avoid road rage to reduce the risk of car accidents, it’s important to plan how you’ll respond if other drivers cut you off or tailgate your vehicle. Attempt to control your emotions and avoid taking anything personally. Keep in mind that other drivers may have weapons in their car, so it’s never worth getting revenge.

Avoid using alcohol or drugs or driving when you’re tired, which can increase the risk of developing road rage. Give yourself enough time to reach your destination to avoid feeling rushed and impatient.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you’re involved in a car accident or you’ve been a victim of road rage, contact an attorney who has experience with similar cases. The legal professional may review the details of the case and inform you of your rights. They may also work directly with the liable insurance company to attempt to settle outside of court as you seek compensation. Your attorney may be able to help the outcome work in your favor when you’re seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and damages to your vehicle due to another driver who had road rage.