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Tesla knew of vehicle failures around emergency vehicles

Recently, there are new complaints of accidents involving Tesla vehicles that failed to react automatically to emergency vehicle sirens and lights. Tesla can be held responsible for accidents caused by faulty vehicles and have to respond to product liability lawsuits in Oklahoma.

When cars are not entirely efficient

Tesla is a leading manufacturer for building electric and energy-efficient cars. Their most advanced vehicles have self-driving capabilities and accident prevention features that ensure total safety and convenience. Even so, any Tesla vehicle can collide with another vehicle or object if a real human is not steering it. There are several incidents of Tesla vehicles failing to react appropriately to emergency vehicles with blaring alarms and lights. The manufacturers knew of this defect and failed to recall their vehicles.

Any auto manufacturer will claim that self-driving technology is highly accurate but not 100% accurate in every driving situation. There are some accidents that require proper judgment to avoid, which cannot be built into vehicle software programs.

What a product liability case does

Product liability includes motor vehicle accidents if the manufacturers are to blame. They can be sued for manufacturing defective motor vehicles parts that caused an accident, injury or fatality. This is not the same type of lawsuit as holding another driver or pedestrian responsible. A product liability case can evolve into a broader, class-action lawsuit if multiple auto buyers are involved.

Holding the manufacturer responsible

No Tesla vehicle is designed to avoid every accident, which is a fact that most drivers know. However, a manufacturer can be sued for creating and releasing a defective product that they knew would not work effectively. An automaker can be sued for failing to include safety features that keep all drivers safe.