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Be aware of hazardous roads in Oklahoma

This coming weekend is supposed to bring colder temperatures and hazardous roads. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is warning drivers to be careful this week and weekend during the holidays due to unsafe and potentially dangerous roads. 

Snow and ice may accumulate later this week, making the roads more difficult when travelling and increasing the risk of accidents throughout the state. The OTA travel director said that new safety measures by the state will make travelling safer this year. However, the OTA is still urging drivers in Oklahoma to be aware of the risks on the road and to take precautions to avoid accidents.

It can be difficult to safely operate your vehicle when there is increased traffic and snow or ice on the road. What can you do to stay safe on the roads this weekend? Listed below are some safety tips to consider before you get behind the wheel:

  • Be alert, especially in work zones or in higher traffic areas
  • Slow down, especially if the roads are slick
  • Do not use your cellphone while driving
  • Preset your controls, including your radio and GPS
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination 
  • Avoid eating or drinking while driving 
  • Always wear your seat belt
  • Don’t drink and drive

Drivers are responsible for safely operating their vehicles. All drivers need to be aware of the risks on the road and should take steps to prevent a crash. 

Staying safe this holiday season is the OTA’s top concern for citizens. During this busy holiday season, be aware of the dangers and take steps to stay safe behind the wheel before it’s too late.