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The FMCSA prohibits the use of handheld devices

Truck drivers often cross state lines and may even drive across the entire country. Many states now prohibit the use of handheld devices in the car, so drivers are not allowed to do this. These laws apply to truck drivers as well as commuters and others.

But even if they didn’t, it’s important to point out that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also prohibits the use of handheld devices for truck drivers specifically. So, even if a driver is in a state where such use is allowed, they cannot do so while they are working in their capacity as a commercial driver.

There are some cases in which truck drivers can use hands-free devices. But even that can be more distracting than simply waiting to arrive before using the phone.

Why is it so dangerous?

There are many dangers to texting and driving. They can slow down reaction times. They may increase the mistakes that drivers make. For instance, a truck driver may end up hitting the brakes late because they aren’t looking at traffic ahead of them, and then they won’t be able to stop before a rear-end accident.

This could happen to any distracted driver, of course. But with semi-trucks in particular, the ramifications of these mistakes are more severe. A semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and needs a very long stopping distance, so a driver who isn’t focused on the road could cause a severe accident. 

Those in other vehicles are more likely to suffer injuries in these types of crashes. If they do, then they also need to know how to seek financial compensation.