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Higher concussion risk, longer recovery for women

While there is a great deal of focus on concussions sustained by men during sports, there has been less attention given to the same types of injuries in women. The American Journal of Sports Medicine found that in high school sports, girls get concussion at twice the rate of their fellow male athletes. Furthermore, they tend to suffer more long-term after a concussion. According to a study that has appeared in the journal Radiology, six weeks after a concussion, the MRI scans of men tend to show a return to normal activity. However, women tend to continue to suffer from impaired memory and less brain activity.

There are several reasons that women’s brains seem to be more vulnerable to concussions. The whiplash effect is what causes a concussion, and women’s necks tend to be smaller and more flexible. This leads to more movement and a greater chance of a more serious injury.

However, one professor of neurology says that gender roles are also to blame and that women tend to practice less self-care and fail to prioritize their own health. Furthermore, the typically prescribed treatment for concussion can lead to depression and anxiety regardless of gender. Rather than suggesting than patients should lie in a dark room, one physician says that some cardio is important to recovery.

A concussion can happen in a variety of situations including while playing sports, in a fall or in a motor vehicle accident. The complications of a head injury in one of these types of accidents can range from minor to severe. In some cases, a serious traumatic brain injury may result. This could lead to a long period of rehabilitation and possibly permanent disability. An injured victim may wish to have the assistance of an attorney in preparing and filing a lawsuit against the parties responsible for the injury seeking damages for medical expenses and other costs.