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Memes can cause distracted driving in Oklahoma

Roughly 2,000 adults were asked to take part in a newly released Root Insurance study performed by Wakefield Research. Among all respondents, 99% said that cellphones are a top source of distraction. Of those individuals, 33% said that they used their devices to look at memes while driving. Other common distractions related to smartphone use included participating in group chats and watching streaming videos.

About 40% of survey respondents said that they would not put their phones down even when they saw a police officer. Even though most admitted to using a phone while driving, 89% of respondents said that they would give an Uber or Lyft driver a bad rating for doing the same thing. Additionally, 90% of respondents said that they were better drivers than those who worked for Uber or Lyft.

On average, study participants said that they spent about 13 minutes per day on their phones while driving. This was despite the fact that nearly 50% of participants said that distracted driving was among their top concerns while on the road. As there are many ways that distracted driving can jeopardize a person’s safety, it may be worth it to avoid using a phone while a car is in motion.

In addition to cellphones, distractions can be caused by other passengers or actions such as eating and adjusting the radio. A distracted driver who causes an accident may be deemed negligent. By filing a lawsuit, a crash victim may obtain compensation for damages. An attorney could help show that an at-fault driver was negligent in causing an accident to happen.