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Advanced features make cars and roads safer

Advanced safety features in new vehicles are helping to keep roads in Oklahoma and throughout the country safer. According to a study conducted in 2018 by J.D. Power, 35% of participants said that an automatic braking system prevented an accident from occurring within the first 90 days of ownership of a new car. Furthermore, 49% said that a blind spot alert feature prevented a crash from occurring during that same time period.

These and similar features are referred to as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS. Those who are familiar with vehicle and road safety say that the systems offer the greatest potential to reduce the number of crashes in the short-term. ADAS features are available on most new cars regardless of their size or cost. This is in part because of customer demand for safety, and it is also partially because of new safety regulations that automakers must abide by.

Pedestrian detection technology can spot both people and large animals in a vehicle’s path. When a person or animal is spotted, the car can slow down or come to a stop. By reducing the number of crashes, safety technology may bring down the cost to insure an automobile. However, this is not guaranteed as the cost to repair modern sensors and other equipment could still be rather expensive.

A person who is involved in a car crash may experience significant injuries that lead to permanent impairment. In addition to physical injuries, an individual may experience mental or emotional issues related to a head injury or the trauma of being involved in a car crash. An attorney may be able to help an individual obtain financial compensation for medical bills or lost wages. Lost future earnings and other damages might also be a part of a settlement or jury award won after a trial.