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Mother takes action after her daughter suffers a brain injury

The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. Any kind of head trauma is a big deal, even if the injury seems insignificant at first. A brain injury can disable a person for the rest of his or her life. In Oklahoma and across the United States, nearly three million people suffer brain injuries every year. A school district in another state is facing a lawsuit after coaches at a high school allegedly failed to report a head injury.

The lawsuit was filed by the mother of a girl who was a cheerleader at the school. According to the lawsuit, the girl was attempting a maneuver when she fell and hit her head on the floor. The lawsuit alleged that the girl’s coaches didn’t seek medical care for the girl, but instead waited 45 minutes to call the girl’s parents to pick her up.

When the girl’s father arrived, the coaches allegedly did not mention that the girl suffered a head injury. Two days later, the parents took the girl to see a doctor and she was diagnosed with a concussion. The mother claims her daughter’s concussion is so severe that she has had to seek additional treatment forcing her to miss school for extended periods of time. The lawsuit claims that the girl’s complications could have been avoided had the coaches reacted appropriately. 

Tragically, negligence is responsible for countless brain injuries every year across the country. Those in Oklahoma who have suffered a brain injury or other injuries due to the negligence of another party may want to consider discussions with an experienced attorney. A successful claim could result in monetary damages to help victims and families get through during this difficult experience.