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New research on blood testing may benefit brain injury victims

When people in Oklahoma suffer injuries to their brains, this can unfortunately affect their lives on both a mental and emotional level. In some cases, brain injury patients bounce back quickly. However, in other cases, recovery requires a much longer period of time. The good news is that scientists recently revealed that blood testing may help physicians to better understand who might take longer to recover from brain injuries.

According to recent research in people who have had multiple concussions, a protein known as neurofilament light chain tends to be present in their bloodstreams. The protein is linked to the death or injury of nerve cells. It is also linked to depression as well as post-traumatic stress disorder in people who have had concussions.

Although some people with brain injury recover fully, others never experience this level of recovery. This is why the recent research is so valuable: based on it, doctors could use blood tests to determine what types of disabilities their brain injury patients may have down the road. At that point, the doctors can implement interventions aimed at decreasing the brain injuries’ effects long term.

In some cases, brain injury happens due to an accident caused by a fellow driver’s negligent behavior or a business owner’s failure to keep up his or her property, for example. In these situations, the injured party may choose to seek compensation for his or her injuries through a personal injury claim. Liability has to be established before the Oklahoma court hearing the claim before damages will be decided. In a case that is litigated successfully, monetary damages may help to cover hospital bills and other related losses.