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Items you should never purchase online

Over the years, more brick-and-mortar stores in Oklahoma and around the nation are taking their business online. It is often more convenient to purchase items online rather than in person, but should you really purchase everything over the internet? According to the FDA, some items are better purchased in person and from a professional.

Medicine or supplements

Medicine and supplements are big businesses, and sellers know this. Some individuals will take the risk of placing expired or opened medicine online for people to purchase at a discount. This is considered one of the dangerous products that the FDA warns consumers not to purchase online unless it’s from a reputable source. You may be placing your life at risk by consuming tainted or expired medicine and supplements.

Baby products

If you’ve just become a new parent, then you understand how expensive infant items are. Everything from baby formula to diapers can really burn a hole in your pocket, so many people turn to the internet to find a lower price. However, some items are better purchased from a store rather than a seller online to ensure that they are in working condition and functional. In fact, many re-sellers will purchase defective items to sell online, and you will never have known about it until you test the item at home.

Cosmetic items

If you’re looking for a specific brand, then there is nothing wrong with purchasing from a brand’s online store. However, there are other websites that claim to have top-tier cosmetics at a great price. More often than not, they are simply selling counterfeits. Counterfeit cosmetics are especially dangerous due to the number of ways certain products can damage your body. There have been a number of reported cases in which counterfeit cosmetics have led to face disfigurements and even death.

As you can see from the information above, purchasing certain items online is never a good idea. If you’ve already been harmed by one of those items, then it is highly recommended to seek the services of an attorney. An experienced legal professional may be able to help you seek compensation.