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Furniture injuries may be covered by personal injury claims

Oklahoma residents may not know that furniture injuries are more common than they realize. On average, a child is sent to the emergency room every half hour in the United States due to injuries sustained from furniture, and every two weeks, a child dies from dangerous furniture. In addition to dangerous furniture causing injuries and death, people can also be injured due to exposure to the chemicals that are used in making furniture. There are many different ways that people can be hurt by furniture, and they should be aware of their rights if something does happen to them or their loved ones.

What types of injuries can be sustained from dangerous furniture?

There are many different types of physical injuries that can be sustained from wobbly or broken furniture, including broken bones, broken teeth, neck and spine injuries, strangulation and head trauma. The types of injuries sustained from exposure to dangerous chemicals found in furniture include asthma and neurological damage. People can also sustain burns caused by furniture that’s been made with dangerous products like flammable materials.

When someone has been injured or killed by furniture, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. People can either pursue premises liability claims made against the person or business responsible for maintaining the furniture where the injury occurred, or they can go after product liability claims. Product liability claims are made against the companies that manufactured the furniture.

What can people do who have been hurt by dangerous furniture?

People who’ve been hurt or killed by dangerous furniture may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience handling negligence and personal injury cases. Legal professionals may be able to help with everything from getting medical assistance to pursuing compensation for losses.