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What are the most common types of truck accidents in Oklahoma?

Commercial truck accidents are often fatal for the driver in the smaller car because of the drastic difference in size and weight between the vehicles. You should exercise caution when you see an 18-wheeler on the road to help avoid an accident like one of the following.


A jackknife truck accident could occur when the truck driver suddenly brakes. Sudden braking may cause the trailer to swing around at a 90-degree angle and crash into anything in its path until the momentum dies off. This is one of the reasons why trucks take longer to slow down and come to a stop: They don’t want the truck to jackknife.

Tire blowout

This is when the air rapidly deflates out of a tire. Truck drivers will have to gradually slow down by allowing the truck to naturally decelerate. If you notice an 18-wheeler slowing down without braking, you should be cautious as this means something is probably wrong with their truck. Keep as much space between yourself and the truck as possible.

Wide turn

Truck accidents sometimes occur during wide turns because it’s more difficult to maneuver a vehicle of this size and weight through turns. You should give the truck driver plenty of space when they make a turn to avoid getting caught up in an accident. When you stop at a red light, don’t go past the line either. Going past the line puts you at greater risk of a truck accidentally hitting you during a wide turn.

Truck accidents could occur because of the fault of either driver. It’s important to follow safety precautions when you’re driving to reduce the chances of an accident. As a general rule of thumb, if you can’t see the truck driver in their mirror, they probably can’t see you.