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Some common causes of summertime car accidents

Car accidents can occur at any time in Oklahoma and leave victims reeling from serious injuries. These are the most common causes during the summer.

More teen drivers on the road

During the summer, with school out, there are more teen drivers on the road. With such inexperienced drivers heading out in droves, the chances of car accidents occurring are much higher. Teens are also more likely to take risks behind the wheel.

More traffic

It’s common for more drivers to be on the roads in the summer. People are off from work and school and go on vacation. Many travel by car, which puts more traffic on the roads. This can be a recipe for disaster in the form of more car accidents. One of the biggest factors in these incidents is road rage. With more road congestion, some drivers become heated, which can have dire results.

More road construction

Summertime sees more construction workers performing road work. Some areas have to be blocked off while the work is being done to ensure the workers’ safety. This can lead to problems including accidents.

Drunk driving

With more people out of work and school over the summer, it’s common for more partying to occur. In addition to the 4th of July, some people consume more alcoholic beverages during this time. Even if they only feel buzzed and get behind the wheel, it’s only natural for a car accident to occur.

More motorcycles

People ride motorcycles all year long, but they’re more prevalent in the summer. Even when riders are safe, their presence can increase the number of accidents. Often, drivers fail to see them for a variety of reasons.

It’s impossible to eliminate all car accidents in the summer, but being extra cautious can reduce your risk of being involved in one.