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Car accident injuries might not be obvious

Car accidents may result in any number of different types of injuries. People in Oklahoma who have been involved in a crash may be injured without even knowing it, as some of the most common car accident injuries do not immediately manifest symptoms. It is a good idea to seek medical attention after a crash even if you don’t think you have been harmed. Some of the most common injuries that have delayed symptoms are whiplash, spinal injuries, concussions, internal injuries and soft tissue injuries.

Whiplash and spinal injuries may be asymptomatic at first

Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries, and it often goes unnoticed initially. Seat belts are designed to keep occupants from being thrown from the vehicle but they do not support or restrain the head and neck. For that reason, a person’s head and neck can jolt violently in a crash. Whiplash symptoms may not arise until several days after the crash. Spinal injuries can behave similarly, with back pain arising days after an accident and worsening until treatment is sought.

Concussions may develop over time

Brain injuries resulting from car accidents can be very serious or life-threatening, but it can be difficult to determine whether a TBI has occurred. Headaches are not uncommon even in the absence of injury due to the stress of a traumatic crash. Headaches combined with confusion, nausea or dizziness, though, may indicate a concussion.

Soft tissue and internal injuries

Sprains and strains may not be apparent right after a car accident, but they are very common. Swelling and pain can develop and worsen in the days or weeks after the crash. Internal injuries also might go unnoticed because of the stress, shock and adrenaline of the crash. Damage to organs or blood vessels can occur because of blunt trauma in a crash.