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Road rage risks harming others

Road rage can range from a driver making an obscene gesture to committing dangerous moving violations in retaliation for a perceived slight. No matter what caused a driver’s anger, road-raging behavior presents dangers to anyone commuting on Oklahoma roadways. Road rage often precedes an avoidable accident that leaves victims suffering serious injuries.

Rage rage dangers

Drivers suffering from stress might become angry at another driver for petty reasons. When anger takes over the driver’s mindset, concentrating on safe driving may no longer be a priority. A road-raging driver who takes their eyes and attention off the road to yell at a lane-splitting motorcyclist might not notice a light is red. An accident might follow if the driver goes through the red light and into the intersection.

Some behaviors might be more overtly aggressive and dangerous. An annoyed driver might cut off another vehicle and temporarily slow down to frustrate their intended target. Both behaviors could increase the potential of an accident dramatically. Stressed and agitated drivers might ignore the speed limit or avoid coming to a complete stop at a stop sign because they want to get home. These behaviors also make accidents more likely. A driver who aggressively honks a horn at another commuter might cause their victim to become distracted. If an accident results, the aggressive driver may receive some or all the blame.

Road rage and legal consequences

When road rage leads to motor vehicle accidents, the victims could file a civil lawsuit against the out-of-control driver. The moving violation may support a negligence claim when road rage turns into reckless driving, such as tailgating. A road-raging driver may be guilty of several moving violations and reckless actions, possibly making them liable for any resulting harm.

Reckless driving and road rage-related accidents might inflict injuries on multiple victims. Those victims could sue to recover their losses and even punitive awards.