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Coping with a Concussion Following an Auto Accident

Concussions are caused by blows to the head and are considered a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even though concussions generally aren’t one of the more severe brain injuries, they can cause lasting problems. Motor vehicle accidents in Oklahoma are one of the more common situations where concussions can occur.

The types of accidents that cause concussions

When motor vehicle accidents occur, you may think concussions only occur when victims hit their heads hard on one of the surfaces inside vehicles. While concussions certainly happen in this manner, they can occur in another way. When impacts occur in accidents, the vehicles stop moving, but the human body does not. Bodies will keep moving at the speed the car was traveling until something stops them, usually safety equipment like seat belts and shoulder harnesses. In these cases, victims’ brains keep traveling forward, hitting the walls of the skull, causing a concussion.

What are the signs of a concussion?

When crash victims don’t hit their heads on a hard surface, they often think they are fine, yet concussion symptoms can develop slowly. If you have been in a crash, watch out for these signs:

• Headaches, nausea and dizziness

• Sensitivity to sound or light

• Slurred speech

• Unusual pupil dilation

• Drowsiness or change in sleep patterns

• Difficulty concentrating or remembering

• Irritability, anxiety or depression

Getting help after a car accident

When injuries are apparent and severe, victims head immediately to the hospital for medical attention. Even though you may think you are fine, getting checked out as soon as possible after an accident can help detect and document personal injuries. Not only can some concussion symptoms take time to appear, but so can other injuries, many involving soft tissues in the back.

Getting prompt medical attention for any injury can help document possible injury claims for concussions and other damages arising from motor vehicle accidents. If you have been injured in a crash and must receive extensive rehabilitation because of trauma or other injuries, you can file a claim to help pay for your costs.