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Injuries resulting from truck accidents

Even a minor truck accident could leave a victim suffering severe harm. A collision with a tractor-trailer could involve multiple vehicles, leading to several victims suffering from many injuries. Persons hurt in an accident on an Oklahoma road may file a civil lawsuit against a truck driver and their employer to recover losses incurred from their injuries.

Truck accident injuries

The injuries sustained by victims in a semi-truck crash can vary depending on factors such as the truck’s speed and the size of the impacted vehicle. Whiplash and concussions are not uncommon in vehicle accidents. Victims might suffer lacerations if they hit the dashboard or get cut by broken glass. Some might not realize that burns are possible, as the victims could come in contact with a hot engine.

Other severe injuries could include head trauma and broken bones. Spinal and neck injuries could leave someone with life-altering problems. The victim may have minor external bruising, but severe and undetected internal injuries can lead to fatalities if not treated promptly and properly.

Legal action after a semi-truck accident

Since truck accidents can cause significant injuries, the victims may experience significant pain and suffering. The recovery time could be extensive, and the costs associated with medical care and rehabilitation might be enormous. Someone unable to work for weeks after an accident might suffer financial trouble. Career changes due to physical problems may lead to a long-term decrease in income.

Civil actions could provide a way to recover compensation and even punitive awards. Many will attempt to settle a truck accident with an insurance claim. Negotiating a fair settlement might cover the victim’s losses.