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Truck accidents and flying debris

When people imagine a truck accident, they may think of a tractor-trailer crashing into another vehicle. Such scenarios play out in many crashes on Oklahoma roads. However, there are other ways in which people may suffer harm. Debris flying from a tractor-trailer may cause a victim’s injuries.

Flying debris and truck crashes

Flying debris may take many forms, with tire blowouts being one example. If a tire’s rubber explodes, the materials could hit another vehicle. Tractor-trailer tires are massive and heavy, and they could create accident risks when the rubber debris lands on the highway after the blowout.

A tractor-trailer’s wheels might come off, and a wheel’s impact on another vehicle may cause a fatality. Problems with the axles or broken components in the wheel system might lead to the wheel falling off. Poor maintenance and defective products might cause tire or wheel calamities.

Negligence and flying debris

People hurt during truck accidents may file a civil lawsuit against those whose actions contributed to their injuries. Victims might sue the company that produced the tire if a tire blows out because of a manufacturer defect. Technicians whose poor work led to a wheel coming off may face a liability claim, too.

The truck driver and the driver’s employer could face litigation if they are negligent. When either party knows about a mechanical defect or another problem that could lead to flying debris, their nonaction might result in legal trouble.

The various parties the injured victim sues could have sufficient insurance coverage to pay for the losses. A claim against the insurance agency may result in a reasonable settlement. However, suing above the policy or for punitive damages could be an option.