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I’ve been in a wreck. What should I do first?

While thousands of car accidents happen every day, it’s very unlikely that an individual will suffer from more than a handful of collisions in a lifetime.

Here’s what you should do if you are in a car accident:

Check for injuries

Anything can happen after a car accident. The driver and passengers may suffer from severe injuries. If the injuries appear serious, then it could be best to keep the victims still until medical professionals arrive at the scene.

Drive your car to someplace safe

If possible and if the vehicle is still in working order, drivers may consider moving to a safe location on the side of the road or parking lot. If an accident happened in the middle of the road, then it could endanger the lives of others. Other drivers may not realize that there’s been an accident and a collision involving two people could escalate as other vehicles become involved.

Call the police

It’s always best to get the police involved after a car accident. The police will create a report of the crash, which is then used by insurance companies to review and disperse payments. Some drivers will try to avoid involving the police. However, if someone is seriously injured or dies, there could be serious fines and jail time for failure to report an accident.

Get a medical evaluation

Even if drivers and passengers appear unhurt by an accident, it can help to get a medical evaluation, so call an ambulance. A medical report could be necessary if a driver discovers they suffered hidden injuries

Take pictures and gather evidence

It can take the police and paramedics some time before they arrive on the scene of the accident. While waiting, drivers may consider exchanging information or taking pictures of the accident. These could be necessary if the driver who caused the accident is claiming they were a victim or if they claim the damage to a vehicle was not severe.

Understand your legal options

An auto accident does not mean a victim will be compensated for their injuries and losses. If a victim believes they have a right to compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages and vehicle repairs, then learning about their legal options could help them.