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3 causes of semitruck crashes besides trucker error

Semitruck crashes are serious incidents because innocent people can suffer catastrophic injuries. While some may think the trucker is always to blame, this isn’t true. 

There are several factors besides the trucker that may lead to wrecks. Understanding the root cause of a crash is critical for victims who are going to seek compensation. 

Other drivers

Truckers can’t control the actions of other drivers, but other drivers can cause crashes between semis and other vehicles. Wrecks can occur if other drivers cut in front of the semitruck because it might not be possible to stop the big rig in time to avoid rear-ending the vehicle. This means the trucker can slam into that vehicle or swerve, which may endanger others. 

Cargo that’s improperly secured

Cargo securement must be handled according to regulations. When this doesn’t happen, the load may shift, making it impossible for the trucker to maintain control of the semitruck. It’s also possible that the cargo may come loose from the trailer, which means it’s a flying projectile or a hazard in the roadway.

Maintenance or component issues

Lax maintenance and defective components mean the rig can’t operate as it should. A semitruck without adequately working brakes can be fatal. A hitch not working correctly could mean the trailer detaches from the tractor, leading to deadly crashes.

Seeking compensation for the financial damages caused by the semitruck crash is possible. There’s a limited time to handle this in Oklahoma, so taking care of everything swiftly is essential. Working with someone who knows about these situations may be beneficial.