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How weather conditions can impact your next long trip

Oklahoma has seen its share of extreme weather, with tornadoes, sub-zero temperatures and heat waves that last for weeks. But it’s not the only place. You only have to watch the news to see how California is experiencing substantial rain while lake-effect snows and hurricane-force winds hammer the Northeast United States.

So, if you are getting ready to embark on a long trip to another state or across the country, it’s crucial to know the impact of an unexpected weather event.

Be prepared

There is nothing like the exhilaration of hitting the open road to travel cross-country. Diverse landscapes and the thrill of discovery are yours to explore. You will likely encounter a wide range of weather conditions as you go through different regions. It can change dramatically from sunny skies to sudden downpours within a short time and distance. These changes can affect visibility, road conditions and your vehicle’s performance.

And due to the trend of extreme weather events, you may find yourself in a situation where the roads become treacherous and impassable. Severe storms can lead to unexpected delays due to flooding or landslides.

Given the potential impact weather may have on your road trip, it’s crucial to plan ahead with the following strategies:

  1. Check with weather forecast of your route and destination before setting off each day
  2. If severe weather is predicted along your intended route, consider alternative routes
  3. Make sure your vehicle is equipped to handle different weather conditions with all-weather tires, working windshield wipers and a well-maintained engine
  4. Pack emergency supplies, including a warm blanket, water, non-perishable food, candle, lighter, snowbrush and a small shovel

Even with all of your preparations, there is still the possibility of being in an accident. If that happens, remember the following:

  • If your vehicle is drivable, move it off the road
  • Call the police
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with the other motorist
  • Get a medical evaluation

You may need someone who can work on your behalf to ensure you’re compensated for your injuries. But hopefully, your trip will go without incident, and you will return safely home with only memories and souvenirs.