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A recent Toyota Tacoma recall highlights a serious safety problem

Individuals who purchase vehicles generally expect that there won’t be any safety problems if they opt to buy a new vehicle instead of a used one. Unfortunately, people who purchased new 2022 and 2023 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks have likely just learned about a serious recall.

Toyota issued a recall on February 27, 2024, for approximately 381,000 vehicles. While notification of the issue has been released to the public, Toyota Tacoma owners affected by it may not receive a formal, individualized notification of the problem until late April of this year.

What’s the issue?

The issue at the heart of the recall is that there was welding debris on the rear axle ends when the vehicle was being manufactured. This can cause the retaining nuts to become loose, which could cause a separation of an axle component. Issues with the axle can have a negative impact on the stability of the vehicle, which can make it much more difficult to drive the truck. This issue can also affect the way the brakes function, which may lead to an inability to stop the Tacoma.

What’s Toyota’s solution?

Toyota’s solution to the issue is to have Tacoma owners bring the vehicle in for an inspection and service. At a minimum, a dealership will tighten the retaining nuts on the axle. The manufacturer will also replace or repair any component that’s already been damaged.

Toyota hasn’t released information about whether there have been any crashes as a result of the issue. With that said, if anyone is involved in a crash that’s caused by this problem, they may choose to seek compensation for the damages. This includes medical care expenses and lost wages, as well as any other financial impacts of their injuries.