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Posts tagged "Medical Malpractice"

Bile duct injuries and their symptoms

Anyone in Oklahoma who has undergone gallbladder surgery will want to know about one complication that could arise from it. In roughly 1 percent of all gallbladder operations, patients find themselves suffering from injuries to the bile duct, which carries bile from the liver to the gallbladder. This is usually due to trauma during surgery.

Over-medication: a widespread form of nursing home abuse

Residents of Oklahoma with loved ones in nursing homes should be concerned about a particular form of abuse found in such facilities. Many workers are medicating patients with antipsychotic drugs without the approval of the patients or their family as a way to suppress what they deem to be disruptive behavior.

Medical errors can indicate serious malpractice

Medical mistakes and surgical errors can be some of the worst fears of patients in Oklahoma going through serious medical care. When people go into the hospital for serious medical treatment, especially surgery or other major procedures, they expect that they will leave the operating room in better shape. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not the case. Significant medical mistakes can cause serious, long-term problems for patients. Some doctors can be careless, incompetent or negligent, and this can have an extremely damaging effect when it happens in surgery.

Robotic biopsy system could increase diagnostic accuracy

Breast biopsies for people in Oklahoma and elsewhere may become more accurate if the use of a 3D-printed robot becomes widespread. Developed in the Netherlands, the Stormram 4 system works like biopsy procedures currently used but is more accurate. It has more control of the biopsy needle and is precise to the submillimeter level on models of breasts.

New diagnostic guidelines for MS

Getting a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis from doctors in Oklahoma and around the country may take some time. There is not a single test for the condition, so it must be diagnosed by eliminating other possibilities and using a variety of criteria. It is also not unusual for MS to be misdiagnosed. The previous McDonald Criteria for the Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis were from 2010, so an international board of 30 experts worked to revise the criteria based on new knowledge and research. A paper about the revision was published in "The Lancet Neurology" online on Dec. 21.

Doctors don't always have the answers

When Oklahoma residents go to the doctor, they believe that the health care professional will accurately diagnose their medical ailments. However, this is not necessarily the case. Diagnostic errors happen more often than people may believe, and they are also the most harmful types of errors. A diagnostic mistake takes place when a doctor either misses a diagnosis or doesn't make it in a timely manner.

The misdiagnosis of type 3c diabetes

Oklahoma residents with a certain type of diabetes may have been misdiagnosed by their physicians. Type 1 and type 2diabetes mellitus are the two most commonly known types. However, there is a third type of diabetes, type 3c, that some physicians believe is being routinely misdiagnosed.

Report shows racial disparity in breast cancer survival rate

A report from the American Cancer Society revealed that breast cancer deaths fell 39 percent between 1989 and 2015 thanks to advances in medicine and early detection methods. At the same time, the organization expressed concern over another trend affecting Oklahoma and the rest of the country: an increase in the proportion of African-American women who die from breast cancer compared to women of other races. According to reports from 2015, black women have a 39 percent less chance of surviving than white women do.

About tongue cancer

Oklahoma residents may be interested to know that tongue cancer is an oral cancer that could be misdiagnosed by a physician. It is found in the squamous cells on the surface of the front two-thirds portion of the tongue. Cancer that is present in the remaining one third of the tongue falls under the category of head and neck cancer.

Court holds that disclosures without consent are malpractice

Medical malpractice in Oklahoma may take many forms, including disclosing confidential medical information about a patient without his or her consent. In a case in New Jersey, the court looked at whether or not the disclosure of confidential medical information to a third party by a doctor without a patient's consent was medical malpractice.

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